The Importance of a Quality Commercial Roof Inspector


commercial roof inspection

When you hire a top-quality roof inspector for your business, you get the best return on your investment. The right inspector helps you stay on top of preventive maintenance and compliance. They can also extend your commercial roof’s lifespan.

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Maximize the Lifespan of Your Commercial Roof

Regular roof inspections from a trustworthy company extend your roof’s lifespan as part of a thorough preventive maintenance plan. Inspections help you catch problems early on before they worsen and cost you more money. A dependable roof inspector will take these steps to lengthen your roof’s use:

  • Check for surface damage inside and outside of the building
  • Inspect overall roofing membrane for general wear and tear or delamination from the existing substrate
  • Look for damage from rooftop contaminants, grease etc.
  • Look for cracks, leaks and damage
  • Check the roof top drains and gutters for blockage
  • Inspect the wall and curb flashings for loose or bridging details
  • Inspect the metal edges and termination

Use a Company With Experience

Roofing experience matters for an inspection because it maximizes the benefits of hiring an inspector. An experienced inspection company will:

  • Understand how to check commercial roofing membranes and flat roofs
  • Find subtle signs of damage that a less experienced inspector could miss
  • Help you comply with your roof warranty by documenting their findings and recommending the right upkeep
  • Protect your roof from leaks and other damage that could cause downtime for your business

How to Look for Roofing Experience

Certain qualifications set a quality roof inspector apart from the rest of the market. Check their licensing, certifications and references, especially any that relate to commercial work. An inspector’s approach to customer service also matters. Learn more about choosing a commercial roofing service in our blog post.

The Importance of Solar Experience for Your Roofing Project

If your commercial roof has solar panels, your inspector should also have experience with solar power. Some roofing companies, such as Kautz Roofing, specialize in solar power or have a sister company that handles it. A roofing inspector with solar experience knows how to inspect solar panels without damaging the roof or panels.

Maintenance and Roof Warranties

When you get regular inspections and maintenance for your commercial roof, you can stay compliant with your warranty. An experienced inspector understands the basics of commercial roofing warranties and what to look for. Remember to read your roof’s warranty carefully and bring up any important repair terms to your inspector. During an inspection, your inspector can look out for:

  • Water damage: Flat roofing systems can become prone to water damage that could void your warranty. An inspector can look for signs of improper drainage to catch water damage before it happens.
  • Maintenance needs: Experienced inspectors can tell if your roof gets the care and maintenance it needs. Many warranties expect you to maintain your roof to get coverage for damage.
  • Vulnerabilities to wind: Some warranties also exclude wind damage from coverage. A knowledgeable inspector can look for areas that may be susceptible to wind due to wear.

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