Commercial Dumpster Gates and Enclosures

Every business has trash to throw out. When you have enough garbage to require your own dumpster, you have new issues to handle. Thieves, pests and harsh weather can create a giant mess to clean up. Plus, a dumpster usually doesn’t look appealing to passersby. You need something that hides it from view and keeps it secure. Our sturdy dumpster gates and enclosures ensure that the cost will be a valuable investment.

Dumpster Enclosure Gates & Concrete Dumpster Pads

dumpster enclosure gate by kautz construction

  • Dumpster Enclosures:
    • New Concrete Block, Cast Stone or Wood Enclosures
    • Expansions, Remodels & Repairs to Existing Enclosures
  • Dumpster Gates: Our Metal Dumpster gates are all custom fabricated to perfectly fit each enclosure. Most traditional dumpster gates have a drop-pin assembly at the bottom of the gates that drops into a hole in the concrete dumpster pad to hold them in place, and the steel pins inevitably become bent from heavy use and cease to function properly.  Our gates have a unique and durable latch system with handles in the middle of gates that open and lock the gates at the hinge on the posts; ensuring that the gates are always secure and eliminating the need for constant maintenance.  We also have the ability to retro-fit our dumpster gate design to use your existing metal gate posts.
  • Concrete Dumpster Pads & Approaches:  We install concrete dumpster pad and approaches that are properly reinforced with steel rebar to prevent future slab movement and cracking.  We also apply protective seal-coating to extend the life of the concrete.

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Count on Decades of Experience

The Kautz Construction team has years of experience working on a variety of projects. We started out in the 1970s as a home improvement and roofing company and expanded our services two decades later. Currently, we provide general contracting, roofing, restaurant remodeling and more. It takes experience from multiple skillsets to work on business and restaurant renovations. Our team has the qualifications to handle the job. With decades of experience working with restaurants and commercial properties, we know how to work with your schedule and eliminate downtime.

Other Commercial Exterior Services From Kautz Construction

We can work on the rest of your building’s exterior while we take care of your dumpster gate and enclosure. Feel free to request extra services such as:

  • Façade renovation
  • Painting
  • Exterior lighting
  • Concrete sidewalks
  • Entry & Service doors

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    Restaurants and other businesses who work with us become valued partners. We consider all our customers a part of the Kautz Construction family, and we listen carefully to their individual needs. Call us today at (717) 290-7077 to learn more about our dumpster enclosure and gate services.

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