Restaurant Tile Floor & Grout Replacement

Tile Floor Repair & Installation

One of the largest maintenance issues a restaurant has is keeping up with its tile flooring and grout. This is one of the first things your local health code official will look at upon inspection. Is the floor tile broken, cracked or missing in places? Is the grout low or missing? Can food and other objects collect in the grout joints? Are there gaps behind the cove base along the wall?

We carry many styles and sizes of typical non-skid kitchen tile in stock, and we have accounts with most major suppliers where we get large discounts and can pass the savings on to you.

We also use Noble Seal and other waterproofing membranes below/behind your tile and cove base in high moisture areas such as your dish wash area. This prevents water from passing under your tile floor, through adjacent walls and into your dining room, office space or other areas it can cause damage.  This is also a great idea for kitchens which have a basement underneath them.

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Are your cove base corners constantly being chipped and broken? Let us install heavy-duty stainless steel protective corners formed to fit right over the top of the tile.

Need tile work in your walk-in cooler or freezer? No problem. We can even provide a refrigerated truck rental to keep your food at the proper temperature while the tile work is completed.

We also install dining room and restroom floor and wall tile.

We have dedicated in-house crews that install and repair tile floors in restaurants all over the Northeast United States.  Our crews work night shift regularly so we can keep your business open throughout any type of project.  We start when you close and have everything cleaned up and ready to open in the morning.

Grout Replacement

Is grout maintenance a constant issue in your restaurant? Do you re-grout your floor only for it to wash away within months? This happens when the installer grouts overtop of your old grout with a skim coat; the new and old grout can’t properly bond together, and the added layer of grease and sediment exacerbates this issue. Grout failure can also occur when the installer uses a cheap sanded grout not appropriate for a commercial kitchen floor.

We replace grout in tile floors the proper way so that it lasts a long time.

We remove your existing grout down to the concrete sub-floor by cutting it out between the floor tile with a circular saw with a diamond blade. We attach a running hose to the saw which keeps dust to a minimum. The entire area we are working in gets covered by a protective plastic. Then we install the new grout, using an epoxy grout that is designed for commercial kitchen floors.

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