Sewer and Drain Line Openings

Restaurant Sewer & Plumbing Line Opening Inspection and Jetting Service

Restaurant maintenance can be draining. We’re here to help!

Inspection Service: Use high tech video inspection and smoke testing equipment designed for plumbing to inspect your drain lines and pinpoint any potential breaks or blockages in your pipes.

Jetting Service: Using a special sewer line water jetting machine, we will clean out your pipes of all grease, food buildup, and other foreign objects that restrict and prohibit proper flow and drainage of your sewer/drain lines.

Pipe Repair: After pinpointing pipe breaks, cracks, or collapsed pipes, we can dig a small accurate area to repair the pipe and get your drains working properly.

Tile Repair: We can then repair your tile and leave your restaurant looking as if we were never there. We have many restaurant tile types in stock that will match your existing tile.

Sewer Line Maintenance: Schedule monthly, quarterly, or on-call line water jetting to prevent future clogs and pipe breaks.

Overnight hours available to limit disruptions.

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