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At Kautz Construction, we are your single-source roofing contractor. We’re also committed to helping you take advantage of the latest natural energy innovations to maximize your roof space and lower your bills using solar electricity. That’s why we formed KC Green Energy — a dedicated solar energy business and your complete solutions provider.

KC Green Energy specializes in commercial and residential solar panel sales and installation. We take pride in bringing this technology to homes and businesses throughout Pennsylvania, Northern Maryland and Southern New Jersey. Our team will develop a customized solution that fits your roof, meets your needs and delivers the maximum return on investment.

Commercial Solar Panel Systems

Many commercial properties have sprawling roof systems with space to install more than enough solar panels to power your business. Changing to a commercial solar system can remove your dependency on grid power. It also offers multiple benefits you can take advantage of, regardless of your industry or business size, including:

  • Lower utility bills: On average, businesses save typically about 75% of the electricity costs.
  • LEED sustainability: Going solar is an excellent step toward achieving LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification.
  • Simplified energy costs: When you rely on solar energy, you’re safe from rate increases and short-term price hikes, making it easier to budget.
  • Valuable tax incentives: Having solar panels pays off big during tax time. You’re entitled to a federal tax credit (presently 26%) and with the new tax bill, businesses can now depreciate 100% of the cost basis in the first year. This 100% bonus depreciation allows you to accelerate all the federal tax benefits to immediately help offset installation costs.
  • Positive customer relations: More customers are gaining environmental awareness. Having a green reputation can help you align with their values.

Residential Solar Panel Systems

Solar panels also deliver savings for homeowners through monthly utility savings and federal tax credits, as well as the ability to sell power back to the utility company. We offer great financing, zero down and in most cases, your solar loan will be lower than your present monthly electric bill. Why not finance and say goodbye to your electric bill.  Residential solar systems also offer several other unique benefits that make them a wise investment that will last for years to come:

  • Added value: Installing a new roof and solar panels will likely add significant value to your home. The panels also shield your roof from the elements, extending roof life.
  • Energy independence: Collecting and storing power using solar panels means your house will stay powered even if there’s a blackout, plus you’ll be free from changing rates.
  • Reduced environmental impact: With solar electricity, you’ll draw all the power you need for your home 100% naturally, instead of relying on pollution-generating power plants.
  • Easy ongoing care: Solar panels are designed to provide decades of reliable service. They require virtually very little maintenance.

Learn More About KC Green Energy

The combination of services and skills available through Kautz Construction and KC Green Energy makes us one of the region’s premier roofing and solar companies. By being your single source solution, you deal with one contractor for your roof and solar. Our team will deliver a customized and comprehensive solution that matches your property and all your requirements.

Please visit the KC Green Energy site to learn more about our commercial and residential solar electric services. To start saving money today with a new roof and solar panels, request an on-site consultation.

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