Slate, Tile & Cedar Wood Roofing

Not all roofs are created equal! Maybe you want your building to stand out from the rest with a unique design or you want your roof to last over 100 years. At Kautz Roofing, we will design and install the roof that fits your desires.

Slate Roofs

A slate roof not only will give you that traditional look due to the fact that slate has been a popular roofing material for hundreds of years. A properly installed slate roof using the right nails and flashing materials can last well over 100 years. It is not an inexpensive option but it will be one that will outlast most of the customers that choose them.

Tile Roofs

Your building may already have a tile roof on now and you want to keep the same look or you may be building a new business and want the look of Spanish tile. At Kautz Roofing, we have the expertise to design and install the right tile roof for your building. Most tile roofs are installed in the more warmer climates and therefore a lot of local roofing companies do not have the expertise to design, repair or install tile. At Kautz Roofing we have on staff experienced roofers that have the experience in tile roofs from having worked in Florida where tile roofs are common.

Call the experts at Kautz Roofing for the experience you can trust.

Cedar Roofs

A lot of the architectural series of asphalt/ fiberglass shingles are designed to mimic the cedar roofs. However, there is nothing quite like the real thing. If you want a real cedar wood shingle roof we offer the more rustic “hand split” cedar shingles and the sawn cedar shingles. These roofs are typically more expensive than architectural shingle roofs but nothing looks quite like the real thing!

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