Metal Roofing Systems

Metal roofs are an excellent option for residential and commercial spaces because they offer many benefits. These solutions feature premium materials like steel, aluminum, zinc or copper. The metal usually comes in coils or panels, has varying thicknesses and can be configured in a few different ways. Roofers will also install insulation to regulate temperature and reduce sound.

While metal roofing is typically more costly to install than traditional roofing, its characteristic durability and low maintenance requirements will save you money in the long run.

Why Metal Roofs?

Metal roofs are attractive, low-maintenance, long-lasting, durable and sustainable.

Modern metal roofs come in various styles, and professional roofers can configure the materials to achieve the look you want. Metal roofing systems require less maintenance than those made from other materials, so you can forget about sealing your roof and replacing broken shingles. They also last an average of 50 years, with well-maintained examples lasting much longer. These roofing materials are resistant to wind, water, snow, fire and mold.

Are you looking for an environmentally friendly roofing solution? An added bonus is that some metal roofing comes from recycled materials and is recyclable. What’s more, these roofs reflect sunlight, which leads to energy savings.

Metal Roof Types We Offer

We offer two types of metal roofs, standing seam and architectural panels.

Standing Seam

Standing seam metal roofing is a metal panel system that has raised seams and a concealed fastener. There are many different standing seam profiles, and each one has distinct appearances and strengths.

The snap-lock seam panel profile does not require seaming during installation, which makes them generally cheaper to install. Still, these options are only compatible with roofs that have a particular slope. Mechanical lock panel profiles can be either single lock or double lock. Single lock seams fold once, while double lock seams fold twice. The double lock will require more labor, but it gives more weather resistance. Batten panel profiles have two seams that go up next to each other and are fitted with a metal cap.

Architectural Metal Panels

Architectural metal panels are flat pieces that create a uniform look for your building. These panels are thick, rigid and tough, and they typically come in various profiles and finishes. Architectural metal panels can have exposed or concealed fasteners, and many of these metal panels are also suitable for wall applications. Contact us to learn more about the types of architectural metal panels we offer.

Trust Kautz to Get the Job Done

When you need a metal roof installed, repaired or replaced, come to Kautz Roofing for quality you can trust. We also specialize in Custom Metal Roofing. We are a family-owned business that has been in the roofing industry since 1973. Our team offers quality service, customer care, honesty and competitive pricing. If you need help picking a type of metal roof, our experts will be happy to discuss your options with you and provide free estimates.

Our construction, roofing and solar expertise allow us to be a single-source solution for your needs. Contact us today to see what 45 years of dedication and experience can do for you!

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