Roof Asset Protection Program (RAPP) (Patent Pending)

Do you want to extend the life of your roof, your building’s major asset?

Who wouldn’t?

Do you know who has been on your roof?

You can…

Replacing a roof can be costly so protecting your roofing asset should be a priority. In order to maintain your manufacturer’s roof warranty, your roof is required to be professionally inspected by an authorized roof contractor at a minimum once a year. However, your manufacturer’s warranty will not cover damage to your roof caused by people, vendors, or technicians (HVAC, electricians etc.) accessing your roof or working on your roof. Do you know how many people have been on your roof this year and why? Every instance of someone accessing your roof can increase the chance of possible roof damage. Our Roof Asset Protection Program is unique to other programs because we can provide you with detailed information about roof access. Roof access information can help you identify who has been on your roof and possibly help you recoup the cost for roof damages and consequential necessary repairs not covered by your warranty.

What else do you get with RAPP?

Through our program, we will help you manage your roof asset, identify possible issues before they become problematic, prevent roof leaks and severity, avoid costly roof replacements by extending the life of your roof and predict your roof’s life expectancy. The RAPP program will help prevent costly surprises by proactively budgeting major repairs or roof replacements.

How will you benefit from our RAPP program?

  • Keeps your warranty intact by providing documentation of roof service records.
  • Provides a roof access log
  • Records all precipitation over .25
  • Extends the life of your roof and avoids premature roof replacement
  • Provides a comprehensive, photo-documented inspection and analysis
  • Core sampling and roof membrane analysis
  • Defers capital expenses and gives you the ability to proactively budget
  • Reduces leak frequency and severity
  • Helps prevent undetected/trapped moisture and mold growth
  • Prevents costly production/operation delays
  • Provides priority leak response via a private portal

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