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A roof coating made from acrylic, silicone or other elastomeric material can extend your roof’s lifespan without replacement. However, to get the most out of your coating, you must install it correctly. With over 40 years of experience, we know how to install “rubber roof” or elastomeric coatings for commercial buildings.

Every roof is unique. Whether you have an aging metal roof, rubber roof or asphalt-based roofing system, let the professionals at Kautz Roofing design an elastomeric roof coating system that is right for your roof. Is your roof warranty about to expire? Our expert team can design a roof coating system that could add 10 to 25 years of NDL (no dollar limit) guarantee coverage direct from major manufacturers, covering labor and materials.

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Save Big Money –

  • No tear-off required (sustainable)
  • Green roof technology= Energy cost savings!
  • Reduced labor and materials costs
  • Little or no impact on your business
  • 10 to 25-year/labor and material guarantees that can be maintained and extended beyond that!

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Roof Coating Installation From Kautz Roofing

We will install your coating in four easy steps:

  • Roof Inspection: Before we recommend a roof coating, we need to evaluate your roof. Our initial inspection is free of charge!
  • Repairs: If we find any defects during the inspection, we specify any necessary roof repairs along with the roof coating specifications. A formal contract with the detailed scope of work will be given to you before starting any work.
  • Cleaning: A clean surface is a good start to prepare your roof for a roof coating. A good pressure washing is typically part of all elastomeric coating projects.
  • Application: A roof coating project can be brushed, rolled or sprayed on depending on the size of the job.

What Are Elastomeric Roof Coatings?

At Kautz Construction, we specialize in applying elastomeric roof coatings. This type of covering consists of a synthetic rubber or elastomeric coating that goes on top of an existing roofing system. Installing a coating makes your roof more:

  • Reflective: Many modern roof coatings can come in a white or silver that reflects the sun. The coating redirects heat and light, making your roof and building cooler. Some are Energy Star rated and can contribute to LEED points.
  • Durable: A coating adds extra protection from the elements, increasing how long your roof lasts. Our team will design a system where flashing details are addressed and reinforced in some cases to ensure your new roof coating will last for the life of the guarantee. Any minor defects in your existing roof system will be repaired before installing the roof coating.
  • Cost-effective: An elastomeric roof coating system eliminates the cost of tear-off, disposal costs, new insulations costs including upgrading to meet new codes for insulation R-value and installation labor is drastically less saving you a lot of money versus a full replacement.
  • Eco-friendly: Extending your roof’s lifespan reduces the amount of waste you add to landfills. The energy savings also lower your reliance on electricity.

You can add an elastomeric coating to materials such as modified bitumen, EPDM, metal, other single-ply systems and asphalt built-up roofs.

Is My Roof Eligible for a Roof Coating?

Not all roofs are eligible for a roof coating. Like your car, you can’t wait until the engine blows up and stops running to change the oil. You also can’t wait until your roof is deteriorated to perform maintenance on it to extend its life. Consult with our expert team to discover the right solution for your roof. Whether it’s a new roof or a roof restoration and roof coating that is required, we will steer you right.

Why Choose Kautz Construction?

You can count on us as your commercial roofing contractors for the following reasons:

  • We have over 40 years of experience: Our team began working on roofs in the 1970s. Major companies and community businesses alike rely on our expertise.
  • You become a part of our family: We believe that everyone we partner with deserves the ultimate attention and respect. When you become a customer, we do everything we can to make you feel 100% satisfied.
  • Our schedule always has room for you: We only take on enough projects at once to make sure we can do them right. That means we can dedicate the time and resources, giving you the best services possible.
  • We can provide a single-source solution: Kautz Roofing is a division of Kautz Construction. Kautz Construction also has divisions specializing in general contracting and solar electric power. Whether you need a roof coating, new roof, green roof, vegetative green roof, building renovations or want to add solar power to your building call the experts at Kautz.
  • You can request services from any part of our business. We are your single-source solution.

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