Polycarbonate Roof – Trellis/Awning System

Translucent Polycarbonate Stainless Steel Trellis/Awning system

(Patent pending)
Hampton Inn awning
Canopies, Walkways, Porte-cochere trellis extension awnings;

Add the architectural element that creates the “Wow” factor to guide your customers or employees into your facility with our Translucent Polycarbonate Stainless Steel awning, walkway or canopy system. Our system provides the structural elements and waterproof components to create a complete turnkey project. Translucent panels provide excellent light transmission and structural strength. They are high impact resistant, thermally stable and high heat resistant. Available with or without stainless steel built-in gutter system. 

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Trellis Features:

  • Attractive architectural element to transition from exterior space to interior space
  • Highly transparent to visible light and has better light transmission than many kinds of glass.
  • Polycarbonate panels are very strong and useable in a wide temperature range
  • High heat resistance and thermally stable
  • High impact resistant 
  • Extremely durable, maintenance-free and strong 16 gage framework and support system.
  • Stainless steel post system provides desired slope over “flat” structures.
  • Neoprene gaskets between the stainless steel framework and the polycarbonate panels provide a durable watertight seal. 
  • Optional stainless steel gutter system available.

Translucent Polycarbonate Stainless Steel awning

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