New Construction

At Kautz, we believe building and managing your project doesn’t start at groundbreaking and end when your facility is built. We take pride in guiding clients through the construction process, from pre-construction to the closeout and warranty period. We also pride ourselves in being our client’s single source solution. One of our clients recently won an award for a storage facility we built and said, “I was thrilled to find one company that could build our facility, ensure the roof was solar ready and install our solar. One contractor versus multiple contractors meant fewer headaches and roadblocks”.

During the pre-construction stage, we can work with your design firm and our project manager to assess the plan, offer design suggestions, and identify any obstacles, challenges, and opportunities to save money. By working closely with the design firm and the project manager early on, we can ensure the best results within budget.

When we begin your project, we have a solid pre-construction plan, a budget that has been analyzed, a thorough and realistic schedule and a top-notch team who is ready to meet your goals.

Metal Buildings

One of our specialties is Metal Buildings and Storage Facilities. Prefabricated steel buildings have become a popular trend. Why go metal? There are several benefits of going with a metal building:

  •    The construction cost of metal buildings can be as much as the price of your traditional brick and mortar building.
  •    Maintenance cost for a pre-engineered building is usually less than the cost of conventional construction.
  •    Top notch 20 year roof warranty available covering labor and materials.
  •    The steel systems we use are versatile and can be modified for your project.

Our company brings years of experience to provide you with a full range of construction services. We have the skills, knowledge, and capability to function as a design-build contractor. Our expertise with steel buildings ensures you get precisely the structure that you want.

The Kautz Construction Difference

Three traits set us apart from the other contracting companies:

  •    Experience: Our founder has over 40 years of experience running a roofing and general contracting company. We have a record of working with a wide range of commercial clients all over Central PA. Kautz Construction knows how to run a project efficiently and ensure that it has quality results.
  •    Versatility: We pride ourselves in acting as a single-source solution for our customers. In addition to our roofing division, we have a restaurant remodels division, solar power division and more. Ask us what we can do for your business!
  •    Compassion: As a family-owned business, we treat our customers as one of our own. We make enough space in our calendars to give specialized attention to all our clients. Over anything else, we credit this culture with our ongoing success.

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