When Is the Best Time to Get a Roof Inspection?

The best time to get a roof inspection depends on a variety of factors, including weather and roof condition. Experts recommend getting an inspection every spring or fall and after major weather events. A few other situations also warrant an inspection.

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Which Seasons Cause the Most Weather Damage?

Winter and summer have harsh weather and temperatures that can damage a roof. During the summer, intense heat, hail, and thunderstorms put your roof at risk because of wind, debris and impact. When temperatures drop, snowstorms and freezing weather can also cause issues. Experts suggest getting your yearly inspection during the spring or fall to manage any unnoticed damage from the previous season and prepare for the next. They also recommend the spring and fall for inspections because of benefits like:

  • Good conditions for repairs: Fall and spring have mild temperatures that can result in higher quality repairs.
  • Lower bills for air conditioning and heating: Your inspector can catch any small problems that could turn into HVAC issues during the summer or winter.
  • Perfect timing for long-term fixes: Certain treatments and repairs require several months to complete. When you perform these fixes in the fall or spring, they’ll be ready by winter or summer.

The Importance of Regular Roof Maintenance in Inspection Frequency

If you don’t properly maintain your roof, you may want to schedule more frequent inspections. Many roofing services can also offer repairs and maintenance after finishing an inspection. Inspections also help with your roof’s upkeep by letting you catch smaller problems before they become more difficult to correct.

When to Call on Your Roof Inspection Company

We recommend getting a roof inspection in these situations:

  • Every year: When you get yearly roof inspections, you have a better chance of addressing issues with easier repairs. Annual inspections can also help you comply with your warranty’s terms for maintenance and can extend the lifespan of your roof.
  • After a storm: Hail and high winds can cause impact damage to your roof. If you go through a major storm, get an inspector to look for damage before it becomes a bigger issue.
  • When you notice damage: We recommend getting a professional to complete any inspections on your roof. However, you should visually inspect your walls and ceilings for signs of water stains.

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