The Green Roof Trend: Make Cities Greener With Green Roofs

make cities greener with green roofs

No matter where in the world you’re located, you’ve probably noticed the growing number of green roofs popping up in urban areas. Green roofs are roofs covered with vegetation in the form of rooftop gardens, urban rooftop farms or other green space.

At Kautz Roofing, we’re commercial green roof pros and have been building commercial green roofs since 2014. We offer single-source green roof solutions to design, install and landscape your green roof, as well as consulting and design services. Our roofing professionals are accredited by Green Roofs for Healthy Cities, the premier green roofing organization in North America.

Benefits of a Green Roof on Your Building

There are many reasons to build green roofs, besides simple aesthetics. Though green roofs are more visually appealing than traditional black tar roofs, let’s take a look at the practical reasons to install a commercial green roof on your building:

1. Green roofs save energy

Because they absorb and reflect heat and provide insulation, green roofs are much more energy-efficient than traditional roofs. The National Research Council of Canada found that green roofs can reduce air conditioning costs in the summer by up to 75 percent, resulting in lower energy costs and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Green roofs also reduce the load on the HVAC system and can increase property values.

2. A green roof extends your roof’s life

Correctly-installed green roofs last two to three times longer than conventional roofing systems. This is because the roof membrane is protected from environmental factors, such as UV exposure, strong winds and temperature fluctuations. Since the roofs need to be replaced less often, they also cut down on waste.

3. Green roofs reduce urban heat island effect

Urban heat islands — which occur in built-up areas where heat is absorbed and trapped in cities, resulting in temperatures between two and five degrees hotter during the day and more than 20 degrees higher at night than surrounding rural areas — are effectively mitigated through the construction of green roofs. Through their natural cycles, the roof’s plants absorb heat and have a cooling effect on cities. Green roofs can also help reduce smog and other particulate pollution in the air.

4. Green roofs provide stormwater management

Green roofs intercept 15-90% of rooftop runoff, reducing the water directed into storm drains. There’s a 50-60% variation in absorption of stormwater runoff by green roof system depending on the growing medium and plant cover. Temperature, wind, evapotranspiration rates and plant uptake also impact absorption.

5. Green roofs can provide natural benefits

You can incorporate food gardens as part of a green roof to provide natural benefits to the surrounding community. Choosing the right plants, such as threatened native species, can aid in habitat creation or the green roof can become a food supply for birds and insects.

6. A green roof benefits urban dwellers

People in your city will love the pleasant sights, smells and sounds that come from a green roof. Plus, plant photosynthesis helps produce oxygen and reduce the negative impact of carbon dioxide. Including plants will filter out pollutants and improve the overall quality of life in urban areas.

Accredited Green Roof Professionals

Kautz Roofing offers full-service green roof solutions for your commercial project. As a division of Kautz Construction, we are your one-stop-shop for all your commercial construction and green roof needs.  Our green roofing division is run by Gordon Kautz II, an Accredited Green Roof Professional as recognized by Green Roofs for Healthy Cities, the most esteemed green roof organization in North America.

With more than 40 years of roofing experience, the professionals at Kautz Roofing will help you design your green roof while taking into account the needs of the traditional roof underneath. This ensures the green roof placed on top is compatible with the conventional roofing material below.

Request a quote or learn more about Kautz Roofing’s green roof services. Call our roofing experts at 717-290-7077 or 800-475-4127 or contact us via our website today.